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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses can use Online Appointment Scheduler?
Online Appointment Scheduler works for any type of business that requires appointment scheduling or reservations. For example: medical, dental, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, spas, tax preparation, accounting, consulting and other professional practices.

Do I have to have my own web site?
No. Online Appointment Scheduler will create your virtual website on our server (like with possibility for you to describe your office and professionals working there. You will also be able to run a News Column where you can place any news you think your clients/patients may be interested in. You can update any part of your virtual web site 24/7 by yourself. Of course, if you already have your own web site, you can place a link on your website to

Why would I want to use Online Appointment Scheduler instead of a simple paper reservation book or offline scheduling software?
You and your clients can book appointments anytime, even after office hours (24/7 access to the scheduler). Your clients can book their appointment within one minute without any help from your office staff. It is also more efficient and more cost effective. You do not have to install any software on any of your computers. And of course no costly software maintenance or upgrades are ever needed.

Who can book an appointment using my Online Scheduler?
It can be you (your office administrator) or any person registered on our web site You will do it for any client calling by phone or who was not previously scheduled online. In this case you will have two choices: 1. You can create and maintain your own list of clients who you know will never make appointments online. It will be a client’s list with very simple records like First, Last and Middle Name of a client and his/her Phone Number. You will have the possibility to select one of these clients from client’s list assigning appointment by yourself. 2.You will also have a possibility to assign any appointment as Reserved for Office with optional comments for occasional client for example. Status of any appointment made by office becomes CONFIRMED automatically. Any person registered on who knows the link to your virtual web site will have the possibility to ask for appointment as well. The status of such an appointment will depend of your Online Scheduler setup. You have 3 different options to deal with client’s request for appointment: 1.Any request should be confirmed by office. 2. First time online appointment of a particular client should be confirmed by office. 3. Any request confirmed automatically. Client/Patient whose appointment was confirmed by office at least once becomes your client and you can see and select him/her from your client’s list together with clients entered by yourself.

Why was I asked to select my professions from profession’s list during the setup?
We will provide an additional functionality in the second version of our application – to find business/professional by location and type of profession like “Find Registered Massage Therapist in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada” or “Find Registered Massage Therapist by Postal Code”. You will indicate if your business interested in new clients. Only interested businesses will appear in Search Results.

There are 3 massage therapists working in our office. May I create different schedule for each of them?
Yes, you will create different schedule for each of the professional working in your office. Daily schedule will consist of one or more (without limitation) working intervals.

I have more than 5 types of services provided to patients. They differ by price, duration, etc… How you deal with this?
It’s our regular situation. We allow you to create as many types of services for each your professionals as you want.

We have three locations where we see patients. Do we have to set up three different accounts?
Yes, you will need to set up three different accounts because each location may have a different list of professionals working there. Even if the list of professionals will be the same, their schedules will be different. Inform us by email how many accounts you have created and we will arrange your payment (usually it is $30.00 CAD per one year for each additional location).

My regular hours of operation on Fridays are 11.00 am – 4.00 pm, but I’d like to declare an additional working interval 8.00 am – 10.00 am for Fridays in July only. Is it possible to do this on your website?
Yes, it is possible. When you create a new working interval, our application by default offers effective period from the current day until Dec 31, 2050. You can change these ‘Effective From’ and ‘Effective To’ dates by clicking on the corresponding Calendar link.

In spa, for example, most of the services are provided in packages not by one but by several specialists. What should I do on your page where I am asked to describe Professional/Consultant?
You enter the name of spa owner /manager, select “_Service Provider” as a Profession and then provide a short description of the packages.

How will I deal with vacations, holidays, etc…? Do I need to change my schedule every time?
No, you don’t. Using our Day On/Off calendar you will change status of any working day to a Day Off and reverse it back by one mouse click. To block out the part of a day you can use 'Reserved for Office' appointments.

I accept more than one client at the same time. Is it possible to define this in your system?
Yes, during setup for professional you will be asked about maximum clients allowed at the same time.

How do I start using Online Appointment Scheduler?
All you need is a computer that has Web Browser and Internet Access. In just a few minutes you will set up your account, describe you business and professionals working there, create Schedule for the entire office and each professional individually, and be ready to provide your clients/patients with this new feature – to make appointment online by just one click.

I already have appointments scheduled for the next several weeks. What should be my strategy to convert to Online Scheduler?
We do not expect you to spend hours transferring all your manually or offline scheduled appointments to our system although honestly this is the best solution. We offer you an approach that we believe will make this switch as smooth as possible. It is likely that most of your scheduled appointments are within the next 2 weeks. In this case, during the setup you will define that booking for your professionals is allowed starting 2 weeks from today. Now you will only need to transfer just a few of appointments that come starting the 3rd week from today. You will reduce the booking allowance time later. If you have no time even for this transfer of scheduled appointments we can offer you another approach – simply define that any appointment should be confirmed by the office and maximum clients allowed the same time is 100 for example. In this case a client will see your full schedule, then will request time he/she prefers, and you will be able to coordinate this appointment with appointments already scheduled offline. Your last step is to confirm the requested appointment or to reschedule it.

How will I be notified about new appointments that require confirmation or about cancelled appointments?
We will not send you an email notification about needed confirmation or cancelled appointments. Instead you will see an indication about it at the top of your web pages in Menu area. You can then click on correspondence menu item to open a list with all new appointments that require confirmation or cancelled appointments.

I want to prevent my clients from online cancelling appointments last minute. How can I do it using your Online Scheduler?
It’s very easy. During the setup you will define a parameter “Online cancellations require at least __ hours notice.”

Will it be possible to send an email to remind clients about upcoming appointments?
Yes, you can select a list of confirmed appointments by range of dates and send email reminders for all selected clients by just one mouse click.

Will it be possible to send any free text emails to selected clients?
Yes, it is possible.

Will your service disclose my personal and business information?
We will not sell, share, or rent your personal or business information.

What billing information should I provide to register with Online Appointment Scheduler?
When you first register for our services, you will receive a 3-month free trial. Starting one month before expiration date of your account bolded additional link "Pay Now!" will appear on your pages prompting you to pay $100.00 CAD via PayPal for one year of our services. You can also pay by personal or company check.

I want to cancel my service. What should I do?
You do not need to contact our customer service. Just stop the payment for the service and in four weeks after the due date your account will be terminated.

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